Marco Benevento Performs a free show at the 4th Annual Hudson Square Music & Wine Festival

The Hudson Square Music & Wine Festival is a free, after-work concert series in the backyard of City Winery from 5:30pm to 7:30pm on Tuesday evenings in the summers. The concert series brings in a wide range of performs throughout the summer, but the Marco Benevento show is the only one that caught my eye this summer. The stage for the venue is the loading dock behind City Winery. City Winery provided a nice selection of wine, beer, and sangria. The best part was that the lines to get drinks were short and moved quickly. The early start time of the show probably helped keep the crowd from getting too large for the space.

Macro Benevento is best known for role in the Benevento Russo Duo with Joe Russo. The experimental, jazz, rock duo was joined by Mike Gordon for a number of live shows shortly after Phish broke up in 2004. The Benevento Russo Duo was a great fit for a side project for Mike Gordon. Mike Gordon joining the group helped Marco and Joe gain notoriety in the jam band world. The real break for the duo was when Trey Anastasio joined the Benevento, Russo, and Gordon to form G.R.A.B, which is an acronym made of the last names of the members of the band. Their whirlwind summer tour in 2006 got a lot of attention from Phish fans that had been going through withdraw since the band broke up in 2004.

In addition to playing shows under his own name, Marco Benevento has recently been performing in Bustle in your Hedgerow with Joe Russo, Dave Dreiwitz, and Scott Metzger. Bustle in your Hedgerow is a Led Zepplin tribute band; however, they play mostly instrumental versions of the songs infused with their own unique style. Dave Dreiwitz, best know as the bassist for the band Ween, played bass for Marco’s show at City Winery this Tuesday. The show was a lot of fun and the music was a perfect fit for the venue. According to a flyer I was handed after the show, Marco Benevento has an album release party scheduled for Friday, October 12th at Bowery Ballroom. Check out the links below if you are interested in hearing his solo recordings or some live recordings from Bustle in your Hedgerow shows.


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