Coney Island Was the Perfect Venue for Futhur

Fireworks during the Friday 7/13/12 show

When you are going to see Furthur these days you have a pretty good idea of what you are going to get. If you are a fan of the Dead, it is hard not to enjoy Bobby and Phil on stage with extremely talented musicians playing Grateful Dead tunes. It takes awhile to get to Coney Island from Manhattan; however, since Coney Island is the ending point for the D, F, N, and Q lines, all you have to pay to get out there is the cost of a subway ride. It would cost you at least $50 to get to and from almost every other large outdoor venue around the city. The parking lot outside of the MCU stadium was one of the most raging lots I’ve ever seen. It was a paradise for Deadheads with cash to burn. Some of my top purchases were my grateful dead door mat and coozies.

Rocking my new Grateful Dead door mat on the F train home from the show

The weather was perfect on both nights. These were a few drops of rain, but it passed quickly and never came down hard enough to bother anyone. Everyone at Friday’s show was treated to a fireworks display set off nearby on Coney Island during the 2nd set. I want to be careful about saying too many good things about the venue because one of the highlights of the weekend was that neither show was sold out. This made for plenty of room on the field and in the stands, short beer lines, and easy bathroom access. Coney Island seems to be a perfect fit for outdoor jam band shows around NYC.

Curtsey of

Curtsey of


MCU Park during the day

Hippie sleeping on the F train

Stopped at Nathan’s for chili dogs on the way back to the train


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