Closed-Door Restaurants in Argentina

3rd and B

I learned about closed-door dinners from reading reviews of restaurant in Mendoza and Buenos Aries on TripAdvisor. I have found TripAdvisor to be surprisingly helpful when looking for good places to eat in foreign countries. Closed-door restaurants are traditionally someone running a small restaurant out of their home or apartment. Typically, these places only do dinner a few nights a week, and they only have a single seating that starts around 9pm for around four to eight people. The meal is a five to seven course tasting menu with wine pairings. My love of tasting menus and my inability to speak Spanish made these dinners a perfect fit for me. Ordering off a menu entirely in Spanish is fairly challenging and often a little embarrassing. I often find myself picking dishes at random and hoping for the best. I’ve had mixed results.

At closed-door dinners, I didn’t have to worry about anything because all of the…

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