The Lomito (Santiago, Chile)

When I think about Santiago, one of the first things that comes to mind is a mental image of a lomito. Chilean people love large amounts of mayonnaise and their version of guacamole on everything. I found the hot dogs loaded with mayo and guac to be a little intense; however, those two ingredients found a perfect home on the lomito. A proper lomito starts with a fresh baked roll cut in half. Then thinly cut, slow cooked pork is piled on top of the bottom half of the roll. The pork looks like unholy deliciousness when it is scooped steaming hot out of the stock that has been its home for quite some time. The sandwich is then topped to order. My favorite combination was tomato, avocado, and mayonnaise. I’m usually not a big fan of mayo; however, the good lomito places often make their own mayo, and the richness does compliment the sandwich well. Once all of the ingredients have been stacked and the top of the roll is put in place, you will be staring at one monstrous sandwich.

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