Fresh New Tunes: Hot Chip, New Build, and Cults

I had been getting bored with my music collection and I was having trouble finding some new tunes to shake things up. Fortunately Spotify has made it much easier for myself and everyone else in the US to stay on top of new tunes. Here are a couple of new albums that I have been really into lately. I’m always on the look out for fresh new tunes so if you have anything that you have been really into lately, please leave a comment with recommendations. New tunes don’t actually have to be brand new-if I haven’t heard it, it is new to me!

Hot Chip – In Our Heads:

If you are already into Hot Chip, it is safe to assume that you will like their new album. Their newest album, In Our Heads, is a little more up beat and high energy than their past albums, but it stays true to their style. These guys are quickly becoming international superstars because they have a sound that is well received by music enthusiasts of many different genres. I’m really excited for their upcoming show at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. I was surprised to learn how many of my friends already have tickets for this show. The wide range of people who I know going to the show exemplifies how their sound appeals to a diverse group of music listeners. At lot of people I have been talking to about the show weren’t aware of their new album so I figured it couldn’t hurt to get the word out that is certainly worth giving a listen.

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