Eating in the East Village

I recently returned from a month long backing packing trip through Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Towards the end of my trip, I started to make a list of the first places I wanted to go to as soon as I got back. My cravings for my favorite restaurants in the East Village are the catalyst for this post. This will be a 3rd and B breakdown of must try places in the East Village. If you try any of these places out based on my recommendations, please leave a comment with your thoughts on the restaurant.

Croxley Ales (Yelp Rating 3.5 stars) – A killer chicken wing place within a block of 3rd and B is dangerously delicious. Prior to moving to 3rd and B, the chicken wing was not a regular part of my diet. However, Croxley’s $0.10 wing nights Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday have dramatically increased my chicken wing intake. Everyone has different opinions on wings, but my girlfriend and I both agree that Croxley Ales has some of the best wings we have had in the city. They definitely have the best $0.10 wings I’ve ever had. The only catch with the $0.10 wing night is that each person at the table has to order $5 worth of beverages. Since we are always drinking beer with wings that isn’t a problem at all.

Our go to order at Croxley Ales is an order of fried zucchini to start and then 15 hot and 15 BBQ wings with blue cheese. This has become a meal that we eat more regularly than we should probably admit. Thursday night is $0.10 boneless wing night. We don’t care for the boneless wings; however, they also do a burger and a beer for about $12 on Thursday. I never would have ordered a burger at Croxley Ales until one of my friends did when we went there to watch a game. The burgers are surprisingly good. I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to go to Croxley’s for a burger because there are so many amazing burger places to try in the East Village, but it is good to know that they have a good one if you find yourself there in the mood for a burger. They have a ton TVs and show just about any game that you could want.

Cafe Rakka (Yelp Rating 4 stars) – This is my go to place for street meat. Cafe Rakka has some of the best gyros in town, and they have a location conveniently located at the corner of 3rd and B. A gyro from Cafe Rakka is a great alternative to a late night piece of pizza. They also make for great mid day snacks. Cafe Rakka’s falafel is good, but Mamoun’s Falafel is definitely my favorite falafel of all time. If I’m at 3rd and B, it usually won’t walk all the way to Mamoun’s for a falafel, but if I’m on St. Mark’s between 2nd ave and 3rd ave I’ll always pick Mamoun’s for falafel and Rakka for meat. Both Cafe Raka and Mamoun’s have locations on St. Mark’s between 2nd ave and 3rd ave.

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